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Cosmetic Dermatology

Enjoy Quality Care from Certified Cosmetic Dermatologists in Albuquerque

Everybody's skin is different, and at Western Dermatology Consultants, we offer the cosmetic dermatology treatments to suit all skin types, no matter your age, gender, or specific condition. Our board-certified dermatologists are pleased to treat clients from Albuquerque and beyond, and want to be sure that each guest understands that quality cosmetic dermatology comes from experienced and certified dermatologists who understand the importance of solid medical training and a trained, professional staff. Visit the American Academy of Dermatology to check a doctor’s certification and be sure that a claim to cosmetic dermatology is more than skin deep.

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It might be easy to forget just how important your skin is. In fact, it's the largest organ you have, and our cosmetic dermatologists will tell you that it can be incredibly sensitive to things like diet, exercise, hormonal changes, and external factors. Pollution and the sun, for example, can turn healthy, beautiful skin to burned or sallow skin.

From a relaxing facial to support for skin cancer care and treatment, Western Dermatology Consultants specializes in a vast array of cosmetic dermatology methods and procedures, all of which are safe and effective means of promoting your healthy and beautiful skin. We also offer assessment and treatment of medical conditions apart from our spa.

It is our goal to increase your health and confidence through excellent skin care, and to do so in a welcoming and caring environment. Among the cosmetic dermatology treatments we offer in Albuquerque, we also offer medical dermatology treatments for acne, rosacea, wart removal, psoriasis care, eczema treatments, assistance with rashes, and more.

When it comes to cosmetic dermatology, whether you're looking for a relaxing spa-type experience or need medical treatment for your skin, we have the skills and resources to give you personalized care. Healthy skin is beautiful skin, and can boost your confidence and bring out your inner beauty. We look forward to hearing from you!

Call Western Dermatology Consultants in Albuquerque today at 505-855-9267 to set up a cosmetic dermatology appointment that could change your life, or request an appointment online.