Nurse Injector

Olivia Salinas, RN

Olivia is a registered nurse with 8 years of nursing experience who obtained her BSN from the University of New Mexico. She has served in critical care for the last several years but has transitioned to our full time injector, joining our team in April of 2023. Olivia regularly participates in advanced trainings and educational seminars to refine her skills and stay up to date on the latest techniques in medical aesthetics. With safety as her top priority, her passion is to provide her clients with natural looking results that will boost their self-image and confidence. Whether you are seeking to soften lines and wrinkles, restore lost volume, or achieve an overall more youthful appearance, Olivia will customize a full facial balancing plan tailored to your unique goals and features. On her days off, Olivia enjoys spending quality time with her husband and son, traveling, and DIY projects.

Olivia, Nurse Injector
Tiara Fischer, RN

Tiara Fischer, RN

Tiara possesses over 8 years of nursing experience and completed her Aesthetics training in Scottsdale, Arizona, two years ago. Born and raised in New Mexico, she earned her nursing degree from UNM. With a dedication to boosting confidence, Tiara believes that feeling one’s best positively impacts both work and home life. Her objective is to assist patients in achieving a refreshed and youthful appearance while still looking like themselves and enjoying their experience while in her chair. She values continuous education, prioritizes safety and health, and emphasizes the importance of using diverse approaches for optimal patient outcomes. Beyond her professional commitments, Tiara is a wife and busy mother of three.

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