Thinning Lashes

Thinning Lashes
Thinning Lashes


Thinning lashes refer to a condition where the eyelashes become sparse over time, resulting in a less full and voluminous appearance.

Techniques for Fuller and Longer Lashes in Albuquerque

Full, volumized eyelashes frame your eyes beautifully, making them look bright, open, and youthful. If you suffer from non-existent, inadequate, or thinning lashes, you’re not alone. Just visit the cosmetics section of any store and you’ll find quite a few products–eyelash conditioners and enhancers–promising longer, thicker lashes. Western Dermatology Consultants offers several solutions for thinning lashes in Albuquerque, and, in fact, Latisse® is the first and only science-based treatment approved by the FDA to enhance the prominence of thinning lashes (as measured by increases in length, thickness, and darkness).

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What Causes Thinning Lashes?

It’s normal to lose eyelashes from time to time. Your lashes naturally fall out and replace themselves during a repetitive growth cycle, much like the hair on your scalp. But if your lash line suddenly looks very sparse, your lashes are falling out too rapidly, or your lashes just don’t have the same volume and lustre as they used to, it could be the symptom of a medical condition.

There are many possible causes for thinning lashes, but the condition is often related to chronological aging that throws off hormonal balances and delays hair growth. Thinning lashes may also occur due to eye infections, thyroid imbalances, alopecia, nutritional deficiencies, chronic inflammatory diseases, chronic skin conditions, irritation, incorrectly cleansing the eye area, wear and tear from cosmetics, or acute stress, such as a traumatic event.

Which Treatment Options Are Available for Thinning Lashes?

The best treatment for you depends on what’s causing your thinning lashes. Western Dermatology Consultants’ staff provides several options, including Latisse® to help patients restore stunning eyelashes. When consistently applied to the upper lash line, this FDA-approved eyelash growth serum helps your own lashes to grow back thicker, longer, and darker within several weeks.

Many patients discover that they don’t even need to use mascara after applying Latisse®. Although eyelash extensions will enhance thinning lashes, they can often cause damage to your natural lashes if they’re applied incorrectly. They are also a more “high maintenance” solution, which is why some patients prefer to use eyelash growth serums instead. The Western Dermatology Consultants team also offers permanent makeup to improve the eyebrows, along with the upper and lower eyelids.

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What Can You Do to Prevent Thinning Lashes?

To maintain healthy, thick eyelashes, gently wash your eyelids and the surrounding skin with mild soap and water each day. Be careful when cleansing the eye area. Instead of rubbing your skin vigorously to remove makeup, try using an oil-based makeup remover and gently pat the skin dry with a towel. Avoid pulling your lashes when you’re using mascara or an eyelash curler.

Applying a small amount of Vaseline to your eyelids each night will help to keep your lashes moisturized and healthy so that they’re less likely to break. Try not to rub your eyes too harshly, as this can cause damage to the hair follicles. Stick to lighter, water-based mascaras if possible, instead of heavier ones that are more difficult to remove.