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Lip Fillers for Natural-Looking, Subtle Softness in Albuquerque

Some people are born with full lips that lose volume over time due to aging and skin damage due to environmental damage—especially prolonged exposure to UV rays. This loss can cause the lips to become thinner and flatten. Other people are born with naturally thin lips. Restylane® Kysse from Albuquerque’s Western Dermatology helps in both cases: restoring the appearance of aging lips and surrounding skin or making naturally small lips poutier.

Kysse (pronounced kiss) is Galderma’s lip filler in the Restylane® family of products. Kysse was approved by the FDA for both plumping the lips and reducing wrinkles around the mouth. The injectable makes lips noticeably fuller while still allowing for flexibility and a very natural look, even when your face is animated and conveying emotions. Lips look full and feel comfortable, even with the gel added, because of the unique way the filler works.

Part of face, young woman close up.

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How Restylane® Kysse Works

Like its other Restylane® counterparts, Kysse contains hyaluronic acid. This is a synthetic form of the molecule your body produces on its own to keep skin and tissues moisturized. Hyaluronic acid has numerous anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, and skin elasticity benefits and is capable of holding onto up to 1,000 times its weight in water. Keeping this water in the outer layer of skin is essential for good hydration.

What sets Kysse apart from other lip fillers is Galderma’s leading-edge XpresHAn Technology, otherwise known as Optimal Balance Technology (OBT). The first-ever lip filler to be created with this technology, it allows the soft gel to sit in place inside the lips even when making facial expressions. The means the gel is able to seamlessly stretch and bounce back to its original shape.

Discover the many lip-plumping benefits of Restylane Kysse at Albuquerque's Western Dermatology Consultants.

Figure 1 – Restylane® Kysse at Albuquerque’s The Spa @ Western Dermatology Consultants is designed specifically for adding volume to the lips. Despite this being a high-motion area, the fullness-enhancing gel can last for up to a year—even in tiny amounts.

Kysse can improve the size, texture, and color of lips without restricting movement that happens due to normal facial activities such as speaking, smiling, laughing, or pursing the lips. In addition to lip augmentation, it’s also designed for decreasing the depth of wrinkles above the upper lip, which are known as upper perioral rhytids.

Restylane® Kysse Treatment Details

Kysse is administered to strategic areas with a very fine needle. Lip injections generally aren’t painful—more like what many people describe as a slight pinching sensation. Numbing creams or ice can be used before injections to reduce discomfort. There is no downtime needed afterward, and any side effects—such as swelling, redness, and bruising—are typically mild. Results from Restylane® Kysse usually last for up to one year.

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Lip Fillers Beyond Restylane® Kysse

In addition to Kysse, there are other lip fillers available. The Juvederm® line features Ultra and Volbella®, both of which are used to enhance the lips. The most suitable choice for you depends on what your goals are for lip augmentation and the skin concerns you hope to address.

Volbella® is a very thin, lightweight filler often used for filling in fine lines and adding small details to alter the lip shape. Ultra adds significant volume to the lips and is less flexible, so Restylane® may be the better option if you want to create a more natural look allowing for a range of facial expressions.