Why Choose Western Dermatology Consultants for BOTOX®?

Experience makes all the difference for our clients in Albuquerque.

Botox Cosmetic

BOTOX® Cosmetic is an increasingly common treatment of choice, with more Americans choosing the safe and powerful injectable each year to temporarily smooth out their forehead lines and crow’s feet. This growing popularity brings challenges, however, as greater numbers of medical professionals and others seek to get into the market by offering BOTOX®, whether they are facial experts or not.

Anyone searching in Albuquerque for BOTOX® treatments should know that Western Dermatology Consultants strives every day to stand apart from other people and organizations offering the injectable. The team focuses on training and experience to maximize both aesthetic results and patient safety, offering superior service in a setting designed for skin care from the start.

Botox Cosmetic

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The Western Dermatology Consultants BOTOX® Difference

The majority of the BOTOX® treatments administered at our practice are handled by registered nurse injectors—and the “registered” makes a big difference. In addition to obtaining a degree from a nursing school or college nursing program, registered nurses must successfully pass a national licensing examination.

This level of rigorous preparation, in addition to product-specific training from BOTOX® experts themselves, ensures that each injector is committed to both optimal aesthetics and the highest standards of hygiene and healthy practices. Patients coming to Western Dermatology Consultants can feel confident that they will receive care designed to deliver the results they are seeking, always with their safety in mind.

The registered nurse injectors also keep current with the latest BOTOX® developments through ongoing education and training sessions.

In addition, any of our three board-certified dermatologists can provide BOTOX® injections to patients, so there will never be a shortage of highly trained and experienced injectors available for anyone looking to stop their age-revealing lines and wrinkles for months at a time. The trio of physicians directly oversees the registered nurses, maintaining a collective standard of excellence.

The team’s skill and experience also allows them to work with efficiency. A patient’s time is precious, which is why a single BOTOX® treatment session is kept to a brief 10 or 15 minutes, allowing for a swift transition back to the everyday demands of a busy life.

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In Albuquerque, BOTOX® treatments are available at Western Dermatology Consultants. For a consultation, call 505-855-9267, or send in a request online.

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Western Dermatology Consultants offers free consultations, so anyone can schedule a time to come in and find out more about how the popular BOTOX® can make a difference for their face. The consultation gives each patient a chance to meet their potential injector and form a connection with the person who will come to understand their unique facial anatomy and aesthetic goals.

The registered nurse injector will also use this opportunity to discover whether any topical numbing medication or cooling will be necessary to minimize discomfort, to explain the procedure, to estimate the scope of treatment needed to achieve ideal results, to figure out cost, to establish a plan for maintenance as desired, to suggest complementary treatments, and to answer any questions the patient may have.

The Western Dermatology Consultants team works to build relationships with patients, not customers.