Permanent Makeup

Heat Tissue and Tighten Skin in Albuquerque, NM

As much as we would like our skin to be smooth throughout our entire lives, the majority of us watch over time as sun exposure and the realities of aging cause wrinkles and lines to form. In many cases, a gradual loss of collagen and other elements of healthy, youthful skin is to blame—but that doesn’t mean smoother skin is gone for good. With TempSure at Albuquerque’s Western Dermatology Consultants, men and women alike can target fine lines and wrinkles on the face with radiofrequency energy, resulting in an overall younger look. It can also be used to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

The technology behind TempSure actually triggers new collagen production, so the skin is renewed from the inside out. Patients report not just tighter skin, but also a healthier shine and softer feel. A spa aesthetician will lead a complimentary skin evaluation prior to any treatment, so together you can develop a coordinated and customized plan that can include TempSure for a more youthful appearance.

Permanent Makeup

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How Does TempSure Work?

Before diving into the specifics of TempSure, it is important to know that collagen is an incredibly important component of youthful skin. The protein is found throughout the body and accomplishes a variety of necessary functions. In the skin, it provides a flexible structure, as well as a place for hyaluronic acid to organize and hold onto moisture—another crucial piece of the skin health and beauty puzzle.

Though the human body replenishes collagen and hyaluronic acid that breaks down due to natural cycles and sun damage, the replacement process gradually slows, which means less and less of these elements in the skin. A drop in collagen means the rise of wrinkles.

Fortunately, hope for youthful looking skin is not lost, even if collagen is. Properly calibrated heat can prompt the skin to begin creating new collagen, which is where TempSure comes into play. A specially designed hand piece supplies heat directly to the skin, gently raising the temperature to a specific degree for a set amount of time. Once triggered by a TempSure treatment, natural processes synthesize and remodel dense collagen fibers that are neatly organized. This fresh influx of the protein causes skin to smooth out, reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

Learn how TempSure™ at Albuquerque's Western Dermatology Consultants employs radiofrequency to create tighter, radiant skin.

The team of certified physicians and aestheticians at Western Dermatology Consultants explains that the TempSure treatment at their Albuquerque-based practice involves heating the skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The step-by-step process begins with the introduction of radiofrequency waves to heat the dermis in order to stimulate collagen production. As new, dense collagen fibers are built, the skin will appear firmer and more youthful-looking.

What to Expect from a TempSure Session

Your provider is trained in using the TempSure device, which is designed to automatically and consistently deliver the ideal amount of heat to trigger collagen production.

Expect a single facial treatment to last around 45 minutes, while a single body treatment typically takes about an hour. Multiple treatments may be recommended in order for patients to achieve their ideal results. An in-house study by TempSure manufacturer Cynosure revealed that 99 percent of patients who underwent the treatment described it as “comfortable” or “relaxing.”

After a session, the treated skin may appear red, but this coloring will fade on its own. No down time is required, so TempSure patients are free to return to their regularly scheduled activities right away.

A natural glow and feeling of tighter skin will be noticeable just after your treatment session, while visibly smoother skin will appear more gradually over time as collagen grows. Eventually, time will take over again, causing collagen levels to dwindle once more. TempSure sessions can be scheduled as necessary to maintain long-term results.

Before and after TempSure skin tightening

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To learn more about TempSure at Albuquerque′s Western Dermatology Consultants, contact our office online or by phone at 505-855-9267 to request a consultation.

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Skin-Smoothing Options Beyond TempSure

Since every person is different, Western Dermatology Associates provides a range of skincare options designed to work for a variety of skin types and cosmetic goals. Wrinkle-smoothing treatments beyond TempSure include microdermabrasion, which exfoliates the skin with a specialized tool and also encourages fresh collagen production. Chemical peels have a similar effect, but work as a topical solution that causes the stratum cornea—your outermost layer of skin—to flake away.

Deeper lines may be addressed by a dermal filler, such as Juvederm® XC, which is based on hyaluronic acid and injected directly into the skin.

Some wrinkles, such as crow’s feet, are caused primarily by repetitive muscle movements. BOTOX® Cosmetic injected into key muscles prevents contractions, allowing the skin to rest instead of being pulled to reveal folds and lines.

Many of these treatments can be combined so that signs of aging found all over the face can be addressed as a whole, leading to an overall look of rejuvenation. The key is working closely with an aesthetician at Western Dermatology Consultants, who can develop a plan with ideal cosmetic results in mind.