“How do I stop my skin being dry?” Albuquerque, NM’s Western Dermatology Consultants team regularly hears this question from patients dealing with the challenges of living in an arid climate.

Dry skin is not limited to desert life, however. The common condition affects people of all ages from time to time and can impact any area of the body. When your skin is dry, it causes the surface to be rough, itchy, flaky, and scaly. Some patients may notice a feeling of skin tightness, cracks that bleed, and fine lines. Dryness also makes wrinkles look more pronounced. If you have dry skin, you might have a compromised skin barrier.

Although the obvious cause of dry skin is lack of moisture, it’s actually amore complex problem. An impaired skin barrier and a deficiency or dysfunction of the skin’s essential fats might be contributing to the issue.

While dry skin isn’t typically a serious problem and is extremely common, it can be uncomfortable—especially if it’s severe or makes it difficult to work or sleep.

Hydration is important for keeping your skin nourished and glowing throughout the year and if you have grown up in an arid region like New Mexico, it’s likely that you’re aware of the effects dry skin can have. Don’t assume that simply layering on tons of moisturizer will make the problem automatically go away.

In this post, we explore some of the best ways to soothe dry skin and restore a dewy, supple appearance.

Avoid Fragrances

Read labels carefully and look out for skin products that contain fragrances, since they can irritate dry skin. Fragrance-free products will always be the better option.

Be Wary of How Baths and Showers Dry Your Skin

If your skin is feeling dry, be sure to keep the door closed, use warm rather than hot water, limit bath times to just five to 10 minutes, switch to a gentle cleanser, and moisturize your skin immediately after drying it.

Use an Ointment or Cream

Look for ointments or creams that contain ingredients like hyaluronic acid, glycerin, shea butter, and petrolatum instead of applying lotions.

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