Our trio of board-certified dermatologists provide the combined knowledge and expertise that you need, with the custom patient care that you want.

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Introducing CoolSculpting®

We offer the latest in cosmetic refinement technology, like Kybella®. A non-invasive fat reduction alternative to facial liposuction or a facelift.

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Welcome to Albuquerque's Western Dermatology Consultants

Looking for a qualified, board-certified dermatology expert who truly understands skin? We've got three! Welcome to Western Dermatology Consultants. Our team—which also includes aestheticians, nurses, and Physician Assistants—is here to offer you the best in medical and cosmetic skin treatments. It will be our pleasure to welcome you to our clinics in Albuquerque!

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Know Your Condition

Ask any dermatologist: Your skin is the largest organ of your body, and is affected by your hormones, diet, and overall health. Our team of dermatologists is extensively trained in all aspects of skin health and treatment options ... read more.


Cosmetic Dermatology

Under the direct supervision of our dermatologists, registered nurses are licensed to administer Juvederm®, Restylane®, BOTOX® and so much more to keep you feeling young and beautiful.
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Know Your Condition

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Cosmetic Dermatology

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Our Physicians

Our board-certified dermatologists will take the time necessary to understand your goals and situation, and present you with an array of options for amazing skin. From acne to wrinkles, our team is equipped to handle all of your skin concerns.