What’s the Difference Between an Aesthetician and a Skin Specialist?

Skin Rejuvenation

Find Out Whether You Should See Dermatology Specialists in Albuquerque

Have you been experiencing a persistent skin concern? Wondering whether it’s time to see a dermatologist or skin specialist? Western Dermatology Consultants knows that patients looking up “Dermatologist Near Me” or “dermatology associates” may be unsure whether they should see a board-certified dermatologist (sometimes referred to as a skin doctor), an aesthetician, or both to successfully treat their condition. Read on to learn about what each skin-focused professional can do for you.

Skin Rejuvenation

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Skin Specialist vs. Aestheticians: How Do They Compare?

Should I see a skin specialist or an aesthetician? The answer to this question will depend on your skin needs. These two types of skincare experts differ in terms of the types of services they provide.

If you’re having a skin problem, it can be a good idea to go straight to the nearest skin specialist. Dermatologists or skin specialists treat new and existing skin concerns, including conditions that are worsening. These physicians can provide diagnosis of skin lesions, rashes, or sensitivities, as well as detect abnormal moles. A specialist in dermatology can also identify whether a condition of the skin is a sign of an underlying medical condition.

An aesthetician and a dermatologist play distinct roles in skincare. An aesthetician focuses on enhancing the skin’s appearance through treatments like facials, microdermabrasion, hair removal, and chemical peels. While aestheticians address cosmetic concerns, dermatologists offer medical expertise for complex skin issues. Unlike skin specialists, aestheticians do not diagnose medical-related skin problems, and they cannot write prescriptions.

Instead, aestheticians perform treatments that enhance the appearance of the outer layer of the skin. After your specific concerns have been diagnosed by a dermatologist, an aesthetician can help you build a skin care regimen to improve superficial concerns or improve your skin’s appearance.

New skin conditions shouldn’t be taken lightly, as they may be signs of more severe, underlying medical conditions, such as autoimmune diseases. Skin specialists might be able to provide faster diagnosis than a primary care doctor if a serious problem is suspected, and they can also identify whether a seemingly mild symptom that affects the skin is a cause for concern. Furthermore, skin specialists can help to prevent scarring associated with acne or other conditions.

Searching for things like “dermatologist near me accepting new patients,” “top dermatologist near me,” or “pediatric dermatologist” can bring up a wide range of results, but it can be difficult to know how to get started if you’re thinking of seeing a skin specialist. You’ll also need to think about dermatologist prices, keeping in mind that when you see a dermatologist, Medicare may not always be accepted.

Which Types of Treatments Are Available from Skin Specialists at Western Dermatology Consultants?

Whether you’re interested in learning more about dermatology and skin cancer or are seeking care for other medical or cosmetic conditions, our team provides personalized treatments that are tailored to your needs with advanced dermatology techniques. Aesthetic dermatology procedures such as injectables, lasers, lights, and skin rejuvenation treatments are also available to address age or sun-related concerns.

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