Are you curious about how to make Latisse® work better? Our Albuquerque-based team at the Spa @ Western Dermatology Consultants recommends this product as a solution for sparse eyelashes—and knows that every patient wants to maximize their results as much as possible.

Eyelash loss may occur due to a variety of causes, including medical conditions, environmental factors, and incorrect eye makeup application. Normal aging can also cause lashes to become thinner or fall out.

Latisse® is highly effective for increasing the length, thickness, and darkness of eyelashes. Although this treatment is fairly straightforward, there are some tips you’ll need to know to optimize results:

• Ensure that your face is completely clean. You’ll need to carefully remove eye makeup and dry your face thoroughly after cleansing because it’s always best to apply the growth serum to a clean surface

• Remove contact lenses before applying Latisse®

• Add a few drops to the brush and apply it to the base of your upper lash line 

• Apply the serum only to the upper lash 

• Avoid getting too much of it on the eyelid skin or allowing it to drip into the eyes. If any of it is dripping, you’re adding too much to the brush

• Don’t apply it more than once a day, since adding more of it will not make your lashes grow any faster—not to mention using too much could cause irritation and waste product. Give the Latisse® time to work

• Keep the bottle and applicator clean to avoid bacteria that can cause infections 

• Use Latisse® regularly and be disciplined to get the most from this eyelash growth serum. It’s best to use it every night before bed rather than just once in a while

• If you find it stays in place better and doesn’t get onto your pillow as much, you might prefer to apply it in the morning instead 

• Don’t try to play catch up if you miss a day—only one drop per day is needed 

• Be patient, because it will take some time for the Latisse® to work

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