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Permanent Makeup

Try Permanent Makeup in Albuquerque

Western Dermatology Consultants offers cosmetic tattooing, also known as permanent makeup, to Albuquerque residents who don’t want to or can’t regularly enhance or define their eyebrows or apply eyeliner, lip liner, or lipstick. Some people can’t see well enough or hold their hands steady enough to effectively put their makeup on. Others may have oily skin or skin that doesn’t react well to traditional makeup.

The process implants the desired pigments into the skin, where — if properly cared for — they will stay for about two years. A licensed permanent makeup artist handles this procedure in our spa, using a sterile technique to ensure patient safety and the best results.

Bring your questions about permanent makeup in Albuquerque to Western Dermatology Consultants. Call 505-855-9267 or schedule a free consultation to find out more.