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Cleanse, Exfoliate, and Nourish Your Skin with Customizable Treatments in Albuquerque


It's normal for your skin to look weathered and tired from time to time—especially after the stresses of 2022 and 2023—but if you want to restore a healthy glow when this happens, cosmetic treatments can help. Facials from Albuquerque's Spa @Western Dermatology Consultants are ideal for rejuvenating the skin and can address various cosmetic concerns.

Some people wonder: "Is it worth it getting a facial?" The answer is yes for anyone who wants to quickly achieve brighter, clearer, and more radiant skin with minimal to no downtime after a treatment session. Facials can be the perfect addition to any skincare routine for patients who want well-nourished and hydrated skin, addressing everything from blocked pores to blotchy pigmentation. The Western Dermatology Consultants team is well-versed in these skin treatments and is happy to help you find the right one for you. See below for more advice on the different types of facials.

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What Causes Dull, Lackluster Skin?

If your skin is looking exhausted, "under the weather, "lifeless, or simply lacking in radiance, the dullness could be due to a variety of causes. Dehydration and lack of moisture will affect its appearance. A buildup of dead skin cells on the skin's surface when they're not shedding properly can also cause the face to have a dry, dull, flaky, or patchy appearance. Smoking, exposure to cold and dry climates, and normal aging can also take a toll on the skin.

Ultraviolet radiation from sunlight can penetrate deeper layers, burning skin cells and weakening collagen fibers to result in an uneven complexion, more pronounced wrinkles, and pigmentation irregularities.

Aging causes the skin to become dryer, thinner, and less elastic as production of collagen diminishes. Pollution and other lifestyle factors can also be stressful on the skin.

Considering all of this, if you want to restore a vibrant glow to a lackluster complexion, an in-office procedure such as a facial can be beneficial. While facials are ideal for treating specific skin concerns, they can also be great for people who have normal skin. Even if you do not have any skin issues, these skin treatments can help to support a healthy, youthful-looking appearance.

What Are Facials and What Can They Do?

Does a facial really make a difference? Although most of us have a daily skincare routine at home, there's only so much that cleansers and other at-home products can do to rejuvenate your skin. It's important to have a professional assess your skin so that they can help you address both short-term and long-term skincare concerns.

Although some people may think of facials as a luxury or a "treat" reserved for special occasions, the truth is that facials can be highly beneficial as a part of your regular skincare routine.

Facials are multi-step procedures designed to care for your skin. They involve cleansing and exfoliating to remove dirt, dead cells, and impurities to restore a smooth, glowing complexion. A facial can cleanse your skin thoroughly in a way not be possible at home. The treatments promote younger looking, healthier skin by boosting cell regeneration and blood circulation so that your skin gets more oxygen and nutrients.

Various products, methods, and technologies can be used in a facial to rejuvenate skin on the face, neck and décolleté. A standard facial will typically include a deep cleaning, a pimple or blemish extraction, a mask or peel, and finally a moisturizer.

What Skin Concerns Can Be Addressed with Facials in Albuquerque?

What does a facial do for your skin? There are many benefits of regular facial treatments, including stimulating collagen production, buffing away dead cells, clearing pores, moisturizing, and hydrating. Facials can improve the appearance of common skin issues such as acne scars, visible signs of sun damage, clogged pores, non-inflammatory acne, dull skin, lines, and wrinkles. They can also restore a brighter, hydrated, more youthful appearance by removing debris on the surface.

Facials have also been shown to have psychological benefits. They are very relaxing treatments that can lower anxiety levels and uplift your mood.

How Can You Prepare for a Facial?

Patients are often curious about what not to do before a facial. Prior to a treatment session, you should be aware of what skincare products you are currently using and what your primary skin concerns are. This will help you achieve optimal results without irritating your skin.

Knowing what your skin needs will help you decide which type of facial to choose. Facials can be tailored for each patient's unique skin type and concerns. Communicate openly and honestly during your consultation so that you can enjoy a treatment that is most beneficial for your skin. Avoid using harsh exfoliating products for at least a few days before the treatment, since many types of facials include exfoliation. "Doubling up" so soon could lead to irritation. You should also avoid applying retinols for at least one week prior to your appointment—and don't schedule your appointment right before a major event. Instead, give yourself a small window so that any minor side effects can fade before you debut your refreshed appearance.

What Is the Best Way to Care for Your Skin After a Facial?

Follow your provider's guidelines and cleanse your skin with a gentle, non-comedogenic cleanser if you want to manage redness or breakouts after the treatment. Our team will give you recommendations on which products you should use. Know that it's normal for your skin to be more sensitive after a treatment. Avoid harsh cleansers or vigorously cleansing your skin for the first two to three days. Also, avoid exercise for the rest of the day after your appointment. The sweat and dirt from a workout can irritate the skin after you have had a skin rejuvenation. If you exercise regularly, it's best to schedule your workout for before your appointment rather than after.

To maintain the results of the treatment at home, it's recommended that you keep up a good, high-quality skincare routine. For optimal results, we recommend that you book an appointment for a facial every month or every two months.

Who is an Ideal Candidate for Facials?

Facials aren't just for women. Men can benefit from them as well! Almost anyone who wants to enhance the appearance of their skin, who is preparing for a special occasion, or who hopes to improve certain conditions could be good candidates for these treatments. The best procedure for you depends on your skin type, the types of imperfections you hope to treat, and any other skin conditions or allergies you have.

What Are Some Other Skin Rejuvenation Options Available?

Western Dermatology Consultants provides a complete range of cosmetic dermatology options for revitalizing and resurfacing the skin. These include chemical peels and microdermabrasion, which can sometimes be combined with a facial to maximize results. Peels involve the application of a chemical or solution to peel away the damaged outer layer of skin so that a layer of new, healthier skin can take its place. Microdermabrasion also gently removes the top layer of skin as a way of improving general skin tone and texture. Fractional laser treatments and other laser-based treatments use light energy to reduce irregularities on the surface of the skin while also stimulating collagen growth.

There are also injectable treatments that are highly effective for reducing wrinkles, such as hyaluronic acid fillers like Juvederm® that add plumpness and lift to reduce static wrinkles or enhance contours and BOTOX®, which temporarily softens expression wrinkles by relaxing tense muscles.

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