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Marcia Starns, MPAS, PA-C

A Physician Assistant Focusing on Skin Exams and Treatment for Albuquerque and Beyond

Marcia Starns

Marcia Starns, MPAS, PA-C, is a NCCPA-certified licensed physician assistant. She received her bachelor of arts in biology from Ottawa University in Ottawa, Kansas, in 1973; she received her master of science in zoology in 1975 from Miami University in Oxford Ohio; and her master of physician assistant degree from Chatham College in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in 2001.

Marcia can count many years in college teaching and bench research. She was an EMT - paramedic in Ohio for seven years at Hudson EMS. Marcia has been practicing in dermatology since 2002 and has worked in dermatology practices in North Carolina, Ohio, Arkansas, Washington, and Tennessee. She joined Western Dermatology Consultants in November 2015, bringing experience in all aspects of dermatologic skin exam and treatments, including skin exams, moles, rashes, acne, warts, skin cancer screening and biopsy, psoriasis, eczema, minor surgery, and cosmetic lasers. Professional memberships include AAPA and SDPA.

When Marcia is not working, she enjoys reading, gardening, bird watching, hiking, walking her Aussie "Bella," and vegan food/cooking. She looks forward to discovering New Mexico's beautiful natural areas and, of course, chilies.

To speak with Marcia or to book an appointment with her, call 505-855-9267 or contact our office online.