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How Do You Identify Your Skin Undertone?

It’s likely that you’re already aware of your basic skin type (whether your skin is acne prone, dry, balanced, and so on), your body type, and whether your hair tends to be flat and straight or curly. Knowing your skin undertone is also important for your beauty routine, and many people find this part a little trickier. Buying new makeup or coloring your hair and finding that it clashes with your skin or does nothing for you can be disheartening. Knowing your skin tone makes it easier for you to find the ideal color palettes for lipstick, foundation, jewellery, clothes, and hair to really accentuate your natural beauty. A dermatologist from our Albuquerque, NM, practice can help you learn more about your skin type if you aren’t already aware of it, but it’s easy for patients to figure out their skin undertone on their own by following these basic tips. 

First of all, what exactly is the undertone? The skin undertone has nothing to do with how pale or dark your skin tone is and won’t change even if you get tanned or freckled. Undertone is actually the color below the skin’s surface. To find your undertone, start by washing your skin and removing any makeup or other skin products, then sit near to a natural light source so that you can see your skin clearly. Next, take a look at your veins on the inner part of your wrist. 

There are three main types of undertones: warm, cool, and neutral. Veins that appear blue, purple, or pink are signs of a cool undertone, while green-ish veins suggest a warm undertone. A neutral undertone is somewhere in between. Neutral undertones often look beige, olive, or orange/red. Another way of finding out is by trying out different types of jewellery. Gold looks best on warm or neutral tones, while silver, platinum, and rose gold look radiant on the cooler spectrum. People who tan easily usually have a warm or neutral undertone. 

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What Condition Is Your Skin In This Season?

It’s winter in Albuquerque. Our board-certified dermatologists see a wide range of both cosmetic and medical conditions during this time, which may surprise some people. The darker season is known for cooler and often wetter weather—not something that would seem to be associated with dry skin. Unfortunately, winter conditions are ideal for drying out our protective layer, leading to a range of problems.

This is because despite the occasional rain, humidity actually drops in the winter—both indoors and out. Dry air leads to dry skin.

Winter is also the time when many people notice the effects of their sun-worshiping summer. Maybe a string of days at the pool contributed to the cumulative damage that causes wrinkles to form, spots to develop, and increases the risk of skin cancer. Ultraviolet radiation can wreak havoc on sensitive cells, causing everything from mutations that form tumors to the hastened breakdown of vital collagen, elastin, and more in the skin.

No matter the problem—or the condition of your skin—Western Dermatology Consultants is here to help. With fair-weather days a fond memory or distant hope, our team can assess the current state of your skin and make recommendations for treatments, procedures, and at-home regimens to promote both beauty and health.

Why not use the post-holiday lull to schedule a full-body exam to check for early signs of skin cancer? Or find out what you can finally do about that pesky cellulite that’s been bugging you for years? From dark circles you first noticed after a procession of parties throughout the holidays to a desire to altogether ditch the shaving you’ve been putting off (since you can get away with wearing pants instead of skirts or shorts), there is always something our dermatologists and their carefully selected and trained team can do to help.

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