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4 Cosmetic Treatments to Make Your Beauty Routine Easier

Everyone has specific areas they obsess over, whether it’s their eyebrows, nose, forehead, or hair. Caring about your physical looks doesn’t make you vain or shallow—it just means you take pride in yourself! In fact, there’s evidence that working on our appearance makes us more confident, and regular self-care can even be therapeutic, keeping depression and anxiety at bay. Self-grooming can, however, take up a lot of our time that could be spent on other tasks and activities. The average women’s beauty routine is 55 minutes each day. We’re not saying that time isn’t well spent, but there are options if you want to cut down on the time you dedicate to clothes, hair, makeup, and personal grooming each day. Professional treatments, such as laser hair removal from our Albuquerque-based team at Western Dermatology Consultants, can reduce the time, energy, and costs involved in achieving your ideal look each day. Here’s a look at four schedule-saving treatments we offer:

Laser Hair Removal

Excessive body hair on areas like the face, legs, back, arms, and bikini line is a dilemma many people face. Shaving and waxing are intensely repetitive chores. Using laser energy, we can damage follicles that absorb the focused light, heat up, and lose their ability to properly grow new hairs. This is a quick, precise, and long-term hair removal method that works for up to a year, reducing the need for razors and plucking.

Permanent Makeup

Microblading creates beautifully arched, waterproof eyebrows that preserve the same shape and style for years. That means you won’t have to spend as much time getting ready each morning. Much like a tattoo, the results do not require significant maintenance. There are also similar options for eyeliner and lip liner.


Full, luscious lashes make eyes brighter and more beautiful. However, it can be difficult to find the right mascara, applying it flawlessly can be a challenge, and eyelash extensions aren’t for everyone. Latisse® makes your lashes grow naturally and is a less high-maintenance treatment option for anyone looking to routinely accentuate their eyes.


Instead of coating your face with concealer to hide dull, dry skin and blemishes each morning, consider booking a microdermabrasion session with us! This treatment abrades away dead cells from the surface to deep clean pores and create a more even tone and texture.

Get more advice on laser hair removal and other aesthetic procedures available from our Western Dermatology Consultants team serving Albuquerque and Santa Fe. Call us today at 505-855-9267, or write to tell us more about your interests.

Latisse® or Eyelash Extensions: Which Should I Choose?

The eyes are said to be the windows of the soul, and having long, beautiful eyelashes as a frame for them can make them look more expressive, attractive, and youthful. When it comes to getting such luscious lashes, there are many different options available, from lash-enhancement tattoos to volumizing mascaras, lash lifts, eyelash extensions, and growth-simulating serums like Latisse® topical formula. For Albuquerque-area patients hoping to upgrade their natural lash length, our Western Dermatology Consultants team discusses both Latisse® and standard eyelash extensions.

The prescription medication is ideal for making your lashes longer, fuller, and darker. Latisse® has been FDA-approved since 2008 for application on the upper eyelids. If used daily, as recommended, it gradually improves several aspects of lash growth. The active ingredient works to both increase the number of hairs and extend their growth phase to address sparse, stubby lashes or make already full lashes even fuller. This effect will last as long as the cosmetic is routinely applied. If you stop applying Latisse®, your lashes will gradually return to the way they looked prior to starting the treatment.

Eyelash extensions are physical products made up of silk or similar material, applied on top of your natural lashes to create a more dramatic, intense appearance. They look more natural than mascara and can be customized for unique eye shapes. The effect can last as long as the natural lifespan of eyelashes themselves: about six to eight weeks.

Extensions can also be used in conjunction with Latisse® for patients who want an especially noticeable “wow” factor for their lashes, or who want to get a fuller look right away while waiting for the effects of Latisse® to truly kick in. Anyone interested in this dual approach should know that they must wait for 48 hours after getting extensions before applying the topical medication.

Want to achieve the long, luscious eyelashes you’ve always yearned for with Latisse®? Or try eyelash extensions for yourself? Book a tele-consult with us today by calling (505) 855-9267 or fill out a contact form to get in touch with our team at The Spa @ Western Dermatology Consultants in Albuquerque.

Under-Eye Circles: Common Causes and How to Treat Them

Suffering from too many sleepless nights? When you first notice dark, bluish patches and bags below your lower eyelids, it can feel as if you’ve suddenly aged years. Products like eye creams and concealers don’t always do much for this condition, which is known in scientific terms as periorbital hyperpigmentation (POH). Fortunately, there are some quick ways to open up and brighten your eyes once again with cosmetic treatments. In the case of some anti-wrinkle injections like BOTOX®, our Albuquerque The Spa @ Western Dermatology Consultants team believes they are too risky for the under-eye area and won’t do much to resolve the problem. Instead, you can always try fillers like Juvederm®. Our team assesses each patient on an individual basis to determine what will work best for them.   

Dark circles may be linked to a variety of causes, including fatigue. Lack of sleep causes blood vessels to dilate. As the skin below our eyes is particularly thin and semi-transparent, prominent blood vessels and the dark coloring they create easily show through. This can make the area below the eyes appear shadowed.

Some people may be prone to developing under-eye shadows due to hereditary factors, so if your parents look perpetually tired, you may develop the same appearance.

Additionally, natural aging can contribute to the problem, as the skin in the tear troughs becomes thinner and hollowed when moisture, collagen, and fat are lost over time.

If you’re concerned about periorbital dark circles, you may want to restrict your sun exposure, since UV radiation can further weaken aging skin, as well as cause permanent hyperpigmentation problems.

The tear troughs can be challenging to treat. As noted above, BOTOX® isn’t recommended. This injectable is hardly ever applied on its own beneath the eyes, primarily because it carries won’t be able to correct thinning or loose skin.

On the other hand, fillers are typically safe and effective for the under-eye area. Juvederm® is a great choice for replacing depleted volume, which can fill out hollows, restore moisture, and make darker vessels below the skin more difficult to see.

No matter the treatment chosen, it’s always best to choose a highly experienced team led by a board-certified dermatologist if you’re planning any kind of under-eye correction.

Ready for a new you? To learn more about Juvederm® and other treatments available from The Spa @ Western Dermatology Consultants, call our practice in Albuquerque at 505-855-9267 or write to us to request a consultation.

Don’t Ignore Skin Cancer in the Midst of Other Health Concerns

The Western Dermatology Consultants team cares about health. It’s why our board-certified dermatologists offer medical services, including skin cancer detection, for Albuquerque-area patients. In light of the March 25 “shelter in place” order for New Mexico, “nonessential” surgeries and other procedures have been put on hiatus—but this ban is waived in cases that would jeopardize a patient’s life. That means three things for our patients: Our spa is closed, our dermatology office is still providing “TeleMed” visits for remote care, and we are still able to treat urgent issues in our offices.

There are obviously a lot of health concerns right now in the community, the country, and the entire world. With so much focus on a single, specific problem—in this case, COVID-19—it can be easy to push aside thoughts of other medical issues. But even though a respiratory pandemic is in seemingly every headline, we want to remind you that skin health remains as vitally important as always.

In other words, if you have a potentially pressing medical issue, such as a melanoma, do not hesitate to talk to a qualified medical professional to determine how best to proceed. Melanoma is a particularly fast-moving and deadly cancer, so it is crucial to identify it and begin treatment as soon as possible.

Note that we are taking precautions with the health and safety of our patients, staff, and community in mind. If you have a fever, cough, shortness or breath, or other symptoms associated with COVID-19 or the flu, please call us before coming into our offices for your urgent care, and we can work together to determine what to do next.

Know that we are continuing to practice excellent hygiene, cleaning, and sterilization routines, as per our usual standards and in following national recommendations and guidelines.

We also encourage everyone to commit to proper hygiene practices at home: Use soap and water to routinely wash your hands, especially after touching surfaces or handling items outside the home. If there are no products or facilities available to allow you 20 to 30 seconds of thorough hand washing, apply hand sanitizer (minimum 60 percent alcohol), especially before touching other objects, such as keys, a car door, or a front door. Then, wash your hands at the next available opportunity. Also, avoid touching your face as much as possible.

To get answers to other skincare and hygiene questions, contact our team at Albuquerque’s Western Dermatology Consultants by calling 505.855.9267 or reaching out online.

Take Your Lashes to the Next Level with Latisse®

Want luscious eyelashes? Sometimes mascara just isn’t enough to make your lashes as long and full as you’ve always wanted them to be. We’ve recently been giving attention to lash-lengthening options, and now’s a great time to try a cosmetic enhancing treatment like Latisse® at Albuquerque’s Western Dermatology Consultants. But what exactly is this product and how does it produce such miraculous results?

Lush eyelashes have long symbolized beauty and femininity for women, especially because they frame and accentuate the eyes. But many people are insecure about having short or sparse natural eyelashes. This insufficient length may because of aging or damage to the follicles.

Latisse® is an FDA-approved, topical product that is meant for volumizing, lengthening, and darkening eyelashes. While it is still not fully understood how it works, it is believed to increase the length of the growth phase of hair cells, as well as grow more of them. Patients using Latisse® find it to be a simple process: You use a sterile applicator to apply Latisse® onto the upper lash line each night and watch as the lashes become visibly more dramatic as time passes. This effect lasts as long as you use Latisse®. If you stop, your lashes will gradually return to their previous look.

People who have applied Latisse® can continue to use mascara as they normally would. Bimatoprost, the active ingredient in the product, was originally used in another form as eye drops to treat glaucoma—before it was discovered that it had the unintended benefit of making eyelashes thicker.

Latisse® does have a few possible mild side effects, including dry eyes, darkened eyelids, and red eyes. Eye doctors and dermatologists are typically more knowledgeable about this prescription medication than most general practitioners would be. It’s important to only use this product under the direction of a knowledgeable and experienced medical professional.

Learn more about Latisse® and other cosmetic treatments available in Albuquerque from Western Dermatology Consultants. Our team is available to answer any questions you may have. Connect with us today by phoning (505) 855-5503 or writing to us directly.