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Excessive Hair in Albuquerque



Fractional Laser Treatment | Microdermabrasion


Almost every woman on the planet (with the exception of those who enjoy sporting lots of hair!) would probably jump at the chance to NOT have to shave so often, if at all!

Hair removal describes any method of removing excessive hair — or any hair, really — from the human body.

  • "Depilation" is one solution for excessive hair. Depilation affects the part of the hair above the surface of the skin. The most common form of depilation is shaving. Another popular option is the use of chemical depilatories, which work by breaking the disulfide bonds that link the protein chains that give hair its strength, making the hair disintegrate.
  • "Epilation" is removal of the entire hair, including the part below the skin. Some individuals may use waxing, sugaring, epilation devices, lasers, intense pulsed light or electrology, or basic plucking with tweezers to get rid of excessive hair.

Excessive hair can be annoying, but the team at Western Dermatology in Albuquerque is equipped with solutions. Call 505-855-9267 or schedule a free consultation.