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Thermage® in Albuquerque

Before talking about the Thermage® treatment available in Albuquerque at Western Dermatology Consultants, we should talk about wrinkles. As much as we wish they were a minor, isolated problem, wrinkles aren’t limited to one area. They can form around the eyes, elsewhere on the face, and all over the body.

That’s where Thermage® comes in. The heating-based treatment, which makes use of radiofrequency energy, improves the look of skin that is loose or saggy — and it does so quickly and with minimal downtime required afterward.

Talk to the team at Western Dermatology Consultants about Thermage® in Albuquerque. Speak to someone over the phone by calling 505-855-9267, or visit us online to schedule an appointment.

Since Thermage® makes use of radiofrequency energy, the aesthetic specialist who applies it will use a handheld device to deliver that energy directly into whatever area needs it. There are four main steps the Thermage® process entails:

  • First, the device cools the skin directly where it will be most beneficial.
  • Second, after the skin has been cooled to increase comfort, the tip of the device presses against the surface of the area to be treated.
  • Third — and most importantly — radiofrequency energy begins to work its way into the tissue, which responds to the heating. The collagen in the deeper layer of skin is remodeled, a process that will smooth out skin that is wrinkled, even out bulges and dimples alike, and provide better overall definition.
  • Finally, the skin is cooled again, which wraps up the treatment.

Thermage® Treatment Details

The length of a Thermage® session in Albuquerque varies depending on the person and the specific regions to be treated. Typically, a session that focuses on the eyes or face wouldn’t run as long as one that focuses on a region with more surface area elsewhere on the body, but session times can vary depending on the areas being treated.

The results of a session can be visible in as soon as a single day, though the collagen remodeling process will continue for months, providing extended benefits that continue to improve for up to half a year. The final results can last for years beyond that.

Thermage® is a popular wrinkle-fighting treatment in Albuquerque at Western Dermatology Consultants. Call 505-855-9267 to learn more. You can also schedule an appointment online, and set up a free consultation to have more of your skin questions addressed.