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About Us

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Western Dermatology Consultants, P.C.

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Western Dermatology Consultants is pleased to offer clients the best in medical and cosmetic skin, fat and hair removal treatments. Through the work of three board-certified dermatologists, we provide the services that help people maintain beautiful, healthy skin all year around.

As women, our dermatologists understand the demands placed on the female body every day. Stress, the sun, makeup, hormones, diet and so much more contribute to the state of your body's largest organ, and we are prepared to help you take great care. Of course, we are ready to assist the men as well! Our doctors are supported in their work by an excellent team of nurses, aestheticians and therapists.

To become a dermatologist, a person must undergo a great deal of training. With a medical degree and internship under their belt, students of skin move on to three years of concentration on skin, hair and nails. Some dermatologists take their training further with focus on a very specific area, such as pediatric or cosmetic dermatology. With three board-certified dermatologists, our clinic gives you access to a wide range of expertise. Board-certified means that the doctors have finished a three-year dermatology residency and passed a rigorous American Board of Dermatology test.

Enjoy spa treatments, along with the latest and highest quality in products and treatments, when you visit Western Dermatology Consultants. We operate out of two locations for your convenience, and always greet you with warmth and professionalism. Think of your treatment as a time to relax and renew, and walk out feeling radiant. Call today to make your appointment!